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List Of Upcoming Performances


5th, Longhouse Gilroy 9pm

6th, Britannia Arms Almaden San Jose 8pm

12th, Number 1 Broadway Los Gatos 9pm-12am

14th, Longhouse Gilroy James (Papa Hawg) Birthday Bash 4pm-8pm

19th, Tempo Gilroy 9pm-12am

21st, Longhouse Gilroy 4pm-8pm

22nd, San Pedro Square Downtown San Jose 6pm-9pm

26th, Longhouse Gilroy 9pm


4th, Gardino's Los Gatos 1:30pm-5pm

16th, Longhouse Gilroy 9pm-12am

23rd, Longhouse Gilroy 9pm-12am

25th, Longhouse Gilroy 4pm-8pm


8th, Longhouse Gilroy 9pm-12am

9th, Solis Winery Gilroy 1pm-4pm

15th, Longhouse Gilroy 9pm-12am

17th, Gardino's Los Gatos St. Paddy's Day Party! 4:00pm-7:30pm

22nd, Tempo Gilroy 9pm-12am

23rd, Arts & Wine Festival San Juan Bautista 1:30pm-5pm

24th, Arts & Wine Festival San Juan Bautista 1:30pm-5pm

29th, Longhouse Gilroy 9pm-12am


5th, Longhouse Gilroy 9pm-12am

7th, Longhouse Gilroy 4pm-8pm

19th, N/A

25th, N/A

27th, Rib Cook-off San Juan Bautista, Ca 1:30pm-5:30pm

28th, Rib Cook-off San Juan Bautista, Ca 1:00pm-5pm


4th Private Party

5th, Longhouse Gilroy 4pm-8pm

9th, San Pedro Square San Jose 6pm-9pm

10th, Tempo Gilroy 9pm-12am

17th, Longhouse Gilroy 9pm-12am

18th, Fortino Winery, Jonathon's Dreams Event 4pm-9pm

24th, Gardino's Los Gatos 8pm-11:30pm

26th, Longhouse Gilroy 4pm-8pm

31st, Heirloom Pizza Salinas 9pm-11pm


7th, 201 Main 6pm-9pm

8th, Solis Winery Gilroy 1pm-4pm

15th, Gilroy Garlic City Car Show 1pm-2:30pm

20th, Downtown Gilroy Thursday Night Live 7pm-9pm

21st, Longhouse Beehive Lounge Gilroy 9pm-12am

22nd, Private Party Gilroy 3pm-7pm

23rd, Eagle Ridge GC 5pm-7pm

27th, N/A

28th, N/A

29th, N/A

30th, Longhouse Beehive Lounge Gilroy 6pm-10am


5th, Heirloom Pizza Salinas, Ca 9pm-11pm

6th,  Thousand Trails Music Series Morgan Hill, Ca 6pm-9pm

12th, Longhouse Beehive Lounge Gilroy 9pm-12am

19th, 201 Main, Salinas 6pm-9pm

20th, Leal Vineyards  6pm-10pm

21st, Gardino's Los Gatos 1:30pm-5pm

25th, Clos La Chance Winery Morgan Hill  TBA

26th, Tempo Gilroy 9pm-12am

27th, Fortino Winery Gilroy 1:30pm-4:30pm

28th, Longhouse Beehive Lounge Gilroy 4pm-8pm


2nd, Gardino's Los Gatos 8pm-11:30pm

3rd, Salinas, Ca Food & Wine Festival 11:30am-3:30pm

4th, N/A

5th, N/A

6th, N/A

8th, Private Party San Jose 3:30pm - 8:30pm

9th, 201 Main Salinas, 6pm-9pm

16th, Hawg Duo Morgan Hill Friday Night Music Series 

17th, Thousand Trails Closing Night Gilroy, Ca 6pm-9pm

18th, Longhouse Beehive Lounge Gilroy 4pm-8pm

23rd, Longhouse Beehive Lounge Gilroy 9pm-12am

24th, Private Party O.C.H. Gilroy 8pm

25th, N/A


1st, Solis Winery Gilroy 1pm-4pm

6th, 201 Main Salinas, 6pm-9pm

7th, Private Party San Juan 5:30pm - 7:30pm

27th, Tempo Gilroy 9pm-12am


11th, Gardino's Los Gatos 8pm-11:30pm

13th, Fortino Winery Gilroy 1:30pm-4:30pm


3rd, Gardino's Los Gatos 1:30pm-5pm

22nd, Tempo Gilroy 9pm-12am


22nd, Gardino's Los Gatos 1:30pm-5pm

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